Marina Bay: Discover Singapore’s Financial Hub

The no. 1 investment destination in Asia, the most open economy in the world, and the most ‘digitally competitive’ city in the world. These are just a few of the many accolades that Singapore has bagged despite only being a 52-year-old country. Singapore has come a long way from its humble beginnings and the progressiveness of the Singaporean society would not have been possible without the enormous efforts and careful planning by the government.

Singapore’s famed Central Business District (CBD) buzzes with excitement and life, painting an apt image for the heart of Singapore’s commercial and financial activities. The CBD consists of eleven constituent planning areas, as demarcated by Singapore’s Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA). With Singapore’s rapid rate of progress, more and more shiny, gleaming offices and developments can be seen popping up in the CBD. The Marina Bay area is steadily becoming the up-and-coming financial district of Singapore and is the latest addition to the CBD.

Marina Bay was first reclaimed in the 1970s and the URA had since conceived plans for the area to be part of Singapore’s city centre in the future. Fast forward to the present, Marina Bay is a visible success story of URA’s long term planning as it integrates seamlessly as a new extension of Singapore’s famed CBD. The addition of Marina Bay into the CBD supports Singapore’s continued growth as a key financial player in Asia.

Many would have heard of Marina Bay Financial Centre, one of the more prominent financial developments in the area. Moving into the area is Marina One, a new landmark integrated development which will be the largest in the vibrant Marina Bay precinct. The entrance of Marina One will be an integral moment in driving the next wave of Marina Bay’s financial success, doubling the size of the existing CBD upon its completion. This further cements Singapore’s foothold as a leading financial hub in the region.

However, it isn’t all work and no play at Marina Bay. This vibrant area is also lined with streams of retail outlets, restaurants, lifestyle offerings and even nature. Marina South, a mixed-use residential district located beside Bay South Garden and the Straits of Singapore, will introduce 9,000 new homes into the Marina Bay area. The streets of Marina South will be lined with rows of shops and eateries. There will be additions of open spaces, allowing residents and the public to meet, interact and socialise in Marina South’s vibrant and growing community.

Marina Bay is easily accessed by public transport and is both walkable and bicycle-friendly. With Singapore’s limited land space, the Marina Bay area is shows excellent usage of land and makes the perfect destination for those looking to spend a fun night out, to those who simply want to unwind after work.