About: Ole Scheeren in Singapore

“Great architecture should tell a story”. This is the principle that German architect, Ole Scheeren, has tried to embed into the fabric of everything he creates.

This world-renowned architect has very literally made his mark around the globe through his award-winning projects. Mr. Scheeren’s projects have won numerous awards, bagging accolades such as World Building of the Year 2015, the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat Awards (CTBUH) 2014 for The Interlace in Singapore, as well as the global CTBUH Best Tall Building Award 2013 for the CCTV Headquarters in Beijing. Famous projects of his range from Bangkok’s tower – the MahaNakhon, Singapore’s Scotts Tower, the China Central Television Station headquarters (CCTV) to Beijing’s Television Cultural Centre (TVCC). His other projects include The Interlace, a 1000-unit residential complex in Singapore, as well as the Taipei Performing Arts Centre.

The reason why Mr. Scheeren has had such profound impact in the field of architecture can be attributed to his people-centered approach to designing. When he imagines a project, he fully considers the needs of the people who will potentially live and work inside the building/development. He views these people as important as the functional utilitarianism and outward aesthetic of his buildings and believes that utility and physical appeal must not only complement each other but rather integrate and rely on each other. To him, buildings cannot be solely designed from a purely functional standpoint. As Mr. Scheeren puts it himself, he thinks of “architecture as a place of habitation- as a social construct- as a space for the life of human beings”.

Büro Ole Scheeren, Mr. Scheeren’s company, currently undertakes projects which are mostly based in Asia, in countries such as China, Korea, Singapore, and Thailand. Specifically, the firm is now focused on the DUO mixed development, which includes the Andaz Hotel in Singapore. It is also working on the Guardian Art Center, the new exhibition space and headquarters for China’s oldest art auction near the forbidden city.