Marina One’s Green Heart – Singapore’s Green Nucleus

Marina One, the new landmark integrated development, will contain the largest green urban sanctuary within Singapore’s Central Business District – the Green Heart. This integrated, multi-storey biodiversity garden will sit right in the center of Marina One and will co-function as a recreational public space within the development.

With a size equivalent to five Olympic-sized swimming pools, this central verdant biodiversity garden binds the four towers Marina One together. Literal to its name, the Green Heart contains a heart-shaped ‘green’ core surrounded by multiple gardens, winding walkways, waterfalls and 200,000 sq ft of lush greenery. The inspiration behind the design of the Green Heart was drawn from the rice paddy fields and terraced hillsides of Asia. This idea was conceived by Ingenhoven Architects and eventually brought to life by Kathryn Gustafson of Gustafson Porter and Henry Steed of ICN Design International.

There is a shallow ramp rising through the abundant vegetation of the Green Heart which connects to other features such as the Strata Terraces, Cloud Garden, Green Screens and Rooftop Gardens. Ascending each floor of vegetation reproduces the effect of observing changing environments and habitats.

Visitors will be glad to learn that the dwellings of Marina One facilitate ventilation in the development. This allows one to experience a cool and comfortable environment in Marina One, despite the heat and humidity that comes with Singapore’s tropical climate.

For a long time, the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) has had the goal of building a ‘City in a Garden’. The design of Marina One will fittingly play into this sustainable agenda. Marina One is putting emphasis on a careful selection of plant species and vegetation mass to provide the necessary net gain in biodiversity in the Green Heart. This project also aims to attract wildlife within its streetscape at ground level.

The Green Heart truly encapsulates the image for Singapore’s future, a living example of integrating environmentalism with construction.